Saturday, February 28, 2009

# 8. RSS & Newsreaders

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You’ve probably heard of RSS, or have at least seen those small funky tags hanging around the websites you visit.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It's a file format for delivering regularly updated information over the web. RSS is changing the way everyday users are consuming information.

Think about the websites you regularly visit, perhaps several times a day. Imagine if you could visit all those information sources and web pages in just one place and all at the same time - without being bombarded with advertising … without having to search for new information on a page you've already seen or read before … without having to consume a lot of time visiting each site individually. You can "2.0" this with RSS! Just strap yourself in and read on (it's actually not so scary of a ride).

Discovery Resources
Watch the video: RSS in Plain English

Go through the tutorial: Using Bloglines (or how to keep up with dozens of blogs everyday). It will walk you through how to setup a Bloglines account and add newsfeeds. Note: Bloglines has changed its interface slightly since this tutorial was created.

Discovery Exercises
Create a free online Bloglines for yourself. Remember to blog about your experience!

Now you're ready for Thing #9, subscribing to news feeds.